The Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

Don’t make the mistake of assuming that insulating a cavity wall is a time consuming, stressful and inconvenient task. It’s possible to insulate cavity walls in around two hours, depending on the size of the property and how easy it is to access the area. By injecting insulation through drilled holes in the outside of the wall, cavity walls can be effectively insulated. These holes are then filled and sealed to match the brickwork. There are a number of benefits that come with cavity wall insulation, four of which we have detailed below.

Why You Should Consider Having Cavity Wall Insulation Installed

● Save Money on Energy Bills – A lot of people underestimate the impact cavity wall insulation can have on your energy bills, assuming that they will only save a small amount over the course of a year. However, this is not the case. Installing cavity wall insulation can save you up to £245 per year on your energy bills. This is because a third of heat lost in a home is through the walls, which additional insulation prevents. This is a considerable saving and allows you to spend your energy budget elsewhere.

● Reduce Your Carbon Footprint – By having cavity wall insulation installed and using less energy, you can reduce your carbon footprint. In fact, you could lower your carbon emissions by as much as 680kg per year. Whether you are conscious of your impact on the environment or you don’t think about it too much, this is an impressive amount.

● Cool in the Summer, Warm in the Winter – There is no denying the annoyance of your home being too warm in the summer, only to then find it cold and difficult to heat during the winter months. Luckily, cavity wall insulation goes a long way towards solving this issue. Having cavity wall insulation helps to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

● 25 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee – At Call Energy Solutions, we understand the importance of having cavity wall insulation installed to a high standard by a professional. This is why we work with GDGC accredited installers, all of which are experienced and able to professionally install cavity wall insulation with a 25 Year Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG).

Free Cavity Wall Insulation Installation

At Call Energy Solutions, we are offering free cavity wall insulation to eligible homeowners. If you are eligible, you can benefit from cavity wall insulation for no cost. There really is no denying the benefits of cavity wall insulation, especially when it comes to saving money on your energy bills. If you are interested in having cavity wall insulation installed in your property, get in touch with Call Energy Solutions.